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Compelling. Some paras describe things more efficiently and clearly than I have seen before. I like this one especially as I can visualize lobbyists pressing leaders to let the band keep playing.


"These are not dumb people. If it took them until the last couple of years to be concerned about war with the PRC ... are they fools or were they just trying to drain as much money out of offshoring to the PRC using slave labor until it was no longer easy to do? I vote the later. Either way, they are not using their intelligence for good.


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Can’t help but think a few tomahawks would take care of the problem nicely

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We must shun politicians who claim to be WEF supporters, even if their history might suggest that they are - or were - OK in the past. Politicians like Dan Crenshaw.


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One of your best columns.

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"Open global revolt against the ruling class" - Rising proletriat throws off ichains, tovarisch ;)

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Posting on Sen Jim Risch of Idaho’s page.

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Well I can endorse restoring the Republic by any means.

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Good news ; reshoring is happening fast.


A chip fab with 40~50K jobs being built near Syracuse NY

Elites defect to 🇺🇸

Not just any elites

They’ve had enough- elites were what was missing .

50 White pills

Take these 50 Whitepills and see the elites defecting to 🇺🇸 and sanity. It’s real.


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This will put a lot of long haired white cats out of their jobs. I hope.

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The hubster read this article to me at dinner last night, and I nearly wet my pants with joy. My big takeaway, is that I am coming to the conclusion that Henry Kissinger is very likely the man behind the curtains. Enjoy the show!

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Excellent piece, Brother!

These people who would rule over us are the enemies of free people everywhere. They need to bring about universal personal disarmament so that we have no recourse. Our personal arms ARE the answer to these tyrants.

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