Perhaps you could lobby substack to create a new button beside the heart button. Something that conveys: "I agree with this and applaud how the article meets the need, but hate having to read every word on these DivThus"...

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Many years ago, as a young JO, I was sent to LMET held at the Amphibious School in Coronado. It was still kind of new. One of the instructors told us that LMET was the replacement for the race relations efforts instituted after the Kitty Hawk riots. That training was replaced because they found that it hardened the attitudes of those who already didn't like the other race, and inspired bad feelings in those who did not already have hard feelings. Apparently, according to this instructor, a lot of sailors didn't realize the the other race didn't like them, and had just been going happily along assuming the best. When I look at the current rounds of stuff like CRT, it looks to me like we keep making the same mistake. Sharing one's feeling about others does not always lead improved relations.

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These actions are counterproductive if and only if a person believes that the purpose of the service academies is to provide capable junior officers who can be trained to handle even greater responsibilities for the purpose of defending the nation. On the other hand, if your purpose s to weaken the U.S. military, you couldn’t find a more direct way to do so.

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Follow the Money indeed.

Indeed the lack of money to spare means it's suddenly OK to notice.

Mind you diversity has gotten so hateful, toxic and pervasive that something had to be done !

Well, no actually it got dangerous to stop noticing.

They noticed Jan 6, histrionics that they are, scary !

Grandmothers wandering into the Capitol did indeed get their attention.

We actually can thank Trump for this, it suddenly became somewhat acceptable to notice the obvious, but it's also expensive and we're well past bankrupt.

But in the end it's follow the money - you see, the Petrodollar and our finances in general are just in a terrible shape. So we need the military and especially the uh, er 'core military demographic' to step up for the march to Moscow and sending the fleet to China.

We THE PEOPLE need money, so we need war, so we need a real military, so we need [shh, despised rural whytes] to be PATRIOTIC !

Follow the money, because we're gonna march and sail to get the rest.

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Ah, "diversity." I am old enough to remember when that word meant "diverse" rather than "acceptable."

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In Michener’s novel “Poland”, he discusses at length the absurd nature of the Polish parliament of the Late Middle Age and Enlightenment period, in which a single vote of “I object” by a single selfish or corrupted member would veto not only the current measure under consideration, but every other proposal voted on in hat session, and would terminate the parliament on the spot.

His observation was “When any essential part of a governing system becomes corrupt, it endangers all parts because it tempts officials to engage in parallel wrong actions.” In this case, corruption of the system has wrapped itself in the robes of a religion that will see no reason, because its tenants were never developed using reason.

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It's DIE--meaning kill Western Civilization that has given us democracy, civil rights, individual relations with God--or any higher power, rights of free expression and protection from gov. intrusion, general education, modern law and education, along with open politics, all of which do not come from China, Africa, the Middle East, any principalities in India, Polynesia, or the native America tribes but from EUROPEANS WHO ARE BASICALLY WHITE. Period.

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