Alot of young men are going to die because of this inane s**t.

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The Army is short 30,000 men. That’s the equivalent to two infantry divisions. These folks keep wondering why.

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As I wrap up my career, these words will trigger me for the rest of my life: "receive briefings and have discussions". I've sat through too many meetings with this considered a healthy meeting agenda. And success is defined by ... receiving the briefings and having discussions!

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Nov 9, 2023Liked by CDR Salamander

Bold move on the part of the military higher-ups who are planning WWIII at the same time.

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Nov 9, 2023·edited Nov 9, 2023

DEI=DIE The end of many of the truths that this country was founded upon. This isn't about including everyone, it's about excluding many that some don't agree with. Everyone should be included in repairing the damage that's being done to our rule of law. The Constitution is the most equitable document penned by the hand of man. It's not perfect, because man's not perfect. But when followed, the Constitution affords everyone the best chance to determine their own destiny.

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Divisity, Extortion and Intrusion.

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And the grift goes on. Meanwhile, US govt is rapidly approaching payout velocity of $1T/yr of just interest on the national debt. This note from Sal reminds us of the frivolous, foolish nature of at least some of that borrowed money on which the credit of the Republic is being urinated into the River Potomac.

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"they aren't hiding the ball"

Not sure they have any!

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No additional commentary on the latest retro advertisement the US Army put out this week on Diversity Thursday? Interesting how they reverted to images of all-White, all male troopers in this latest campaign. Nary a spot of diversity.

I guess Emma with two mommies didn't have her jump wings.

It did not go unnoticed, as the 3000+ comments on the YT video and other social media outlets show.

The mask may have finally slipped a bit too much that has been hiding the Empire’s contempt of the competent class of men their strength relied on.

This naked attempt to claw back the support and tribute of this nation’s foundational sons could be the bridge too far.

"First Jump Be All You Can Be U.S. Army"


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Wonder if this has anything to do with the recent litigation regarding race-based admissions to the service academies. Trying to prep the battle space is my guess


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They deserve a good turnout. Please leave pitchforks, tar and feathers at home.

They also deserve a lot of written input, since they are asking for it.

Might even ask if the DOD DEI(etc) establishment is experiencing any manning shortfalls at a time when overall DOD is seriously below strength.

What is the impact on DEI goal setting and achievement in light of the high percentages of minority youths who are ineligible for service due to failure to complete high school, low test scores, history of drug abuse and criminal records? Or, are we trying to change qualification standards to enlist more of those folks so "the military looks like America"?

Have they been able to quantify the "benefits of diversity" yet?

What is the cost in annual funding and billets for the DEI zampolit empire?

Are we closer to the DEI goals now because we are recruiting more qualified minorities, or has that percentage risen due to a drop in the number of qualified non-minority (evil militaristic white males with military heritage) has dropped precipitously?

What studies have been done on the effect of female members becoming non-deployable with their units?

What resources have been expended on "trans" personnel, and how many "trans" personnel are in each of the services? Have their actual military service benefits been worth the actual cost, other than counting towards DEI goals?

What are the comparable DEI metrics from the armed forces of China, Russia, Israel, Iran, UK, Canada, or other nations of interest?

What percentage of personnel in DOD DEI billets are veterans?

What is the breakdown of DOD DEI personned by race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation and other DEI metrics? How does this compare to the U.S. population and DOD population?

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This ... also quoting Bari Weiss: “It is time to end DEI for good. No more standing by as people are encouraged to segregate themselves. No more forced declarations that you will prioritize identity over excellence. No more compelled speech. No more going along with little lies for the sake of being polite.”

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The more accurate order is Diversity, Inclusion and equity, or DIE.

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Its was tough wading through the gov-speak... But did anyone notice the part where the Chair and others will reveiw statements before deciding whether to allow the statements and their authors to speak or submit the statements to the council??

Sounds like there's a gatekeeper to censor anyone who might question the purity or intelligence of the cause...

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Spot on news nbc news tonight about increase in airport safety incidents so looked up faa employee dei policy, behold


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