"The great majority have never seen an ocean; to the affluent among them, it is an obstacle to be crossed by aircraft in a few hours. Those who do embark upon it are, for the most part, in uniform. "

This quote from Admiral Hayes describes americans even now...how many even know a shipping

container comes over water? ONLY when there are issues does it dawn on folks that "stuff" from

overseas. I did some contact for a regional retailer on the West Coast two years ago when issues

with getting all their Chinese made junk through the port in Seattle ran into a snag... "Its stuck on

a SHIP...?" To fix this would require an UTTER ground up reorientation of public perceptions and

a RAZING completely and rebuild of the countries national leadership...nothing less....

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Nice speech by the SecNav. However, a strategy without resources is just empty words on a piece of paper.

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Great post as usual CDR Sal... SecNav's presentation is quite interesting but we have one especially difficult dilema to deal with... the workforce; specifically remedying the fact that we have an estimated 7 million working age men who have checked out entirely from the workforce. What investments will come into the U.S. from foreign shipbuilders if we can't field the technical workforce to support the maritime enterprise that the Secretary is referring to in his speech?

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What a picture! I can't help but think how much better the uniforms were. If you want to be a fighting sailor, you should look like a sailor; not dressed up like Violet Beauregarde from "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory."

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