There are also 1.7 bottles of Texas Pete next to the catsup.

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"We cannot properly build and maintain 296 right now. Why should the American public give us more ships when we can’t take care of the ones we have?"


And howz about some money for SIMA's, Tenders, and floating drydocks?

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6.5 bottles of catsup----but how many of hot sauce? More seriously, when we say "The Pentagon" nowadays we actually mean the current administration and its hirelings. That bunch very rarely, if ever, reflect what the professional armed services truly need, want or think. Of course we need (have needed for some time) a coherent strategy upon which to base procurement as well as deployments, forward basing decisions etc. Unfortunately development and implementation of such strategy is under the control of "The Pentagon".

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Catsup? You jest. At the flag level it’s Grey Poupon.

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When I was a JO on my first ship our SuppO received a memo from XO (piece o' work)

"Subj Ice Cream Toppings

Cook reports out of butterscotch today, out of chocolate last night.

You will establish high/low limits for ice cream toppings in the Wardroom Pantry"

This on a broke-dick steam ship. A very SWO moment.

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I dunno...if I were mess caterer and deployed to Westpac it'd be 6.5 bottles of Jufran Banana Ketchup or 1 bottle of patis. Jufran is best served at room temperature when it begins to fizz. I'll admit that I was never reelected as mess caterer.


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I would say build the Burkes and the Constellation Frigates already under way - expand the program. They are proven hull designs and systems and are modern. Kick it in the ass and get the missiles produced to put in the VLS tubes. Of course, we then have to discuss manning the ships we produced. Hopefully we can stop all the DIE BS and persuade kids this is a good avenue. Lots of kids in the south and midwest still want to see the world and it is a lot easier on a ship!

We should also build the LPDs and restore the VLS cells that were in the original design or add the BAE Adaptable Deck Launcher. These ships can be the jack of all trades that we need with F-35Bs, Marines, and missile magazines for offense and defense. https://www.navalnews.com/naval-news/2021/01/us-navy-looks-to-arm-lpd-17-amphibious-vessels-with-long-range-missiles/

Arming the LPDs will also, possibly, free up some escorts if they can provide some defense for themselves. I'd also say this would meet the Marines' requirements and Congressional mandates on the number of amphibs.

I would remind you the WHOLE saying is "a jack of all trades is a master of none, but always better than a master of one!"

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We should at least go with a one-power standard. We should not have fewer ships than our primary enemy (sorry, "pacing threat"). Looks like we need to get busy building...

DOD states that “the PLAN is the largest navy in the world with a battle force of approximately

340 platforms, including major surface combatants, submarines, ocean-going amphibious ships,

mine warfare ships, aircraft carriers, and fleet auxiliaries.... This figure does not include

approximately 85 patrol combatants and craft that carry anti-ship cruise missiles (ASCM). The

PLAN’s overall battle force is expected to grow to 400 ships by 2025 and 440 ships by 2030.

Much of this growth will be in major surface combatants.”

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Apr 4, 2023·edited Apr 4, 2023

Thinking about the grim numbers presented for the PRC fleet versus the US fleet:

I work international Oil & Gas pipeline construction. One thing common across all these projects is that under no circumstance will we buy Chinese steel, nor anything else of criticality nor required reliability. We know that the bulk of the PRC QA/QC programs are "whatever we can get away with." These projects have even included some of the 'belt & road' initiatives undertaken by the PRC, where they are even a significant equity partner. Meanwhile, domestically we have seen major recalls of building products imported from China as it was discovered that they lied about specs, product content, material grade, etc.

Which makes me wonder about the quality, the reliability, the durability of the PRC fleet. Is there cause to think that their version of their massive military-industrial complex is any different from or better than the rest of their fabricated goods? The US M-I complex is beridden with quality issues and overruns galore: should we expect that the bureaucratic Marxists are any better at it?

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Use the contents of some of those VLS cells on the EPA.

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Please add #4; Properly man all at-sea billets.

The Navy was admitting to 9,000 gapped type II billets last October.

Build all the boats you want and then mothball 'em cause you ain't got the boots to man them.

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Too many XYZ Flag Zeroes, not enough ABCs (Arleigh Burke Combatant Ships).

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Remember for every ship we build and crew, we need a corresponding increase or mitigation in our GDP.

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I bet we could gather members of the front porch and come up with a better study and strategy to take before Congress. What makes me think this? Three letters... LCS.

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Apr 6, 2023·edited Apr 6, 2023

Navy to Congress: We need more ships!

Congress to Navy: What's your plan to build more ships?

Navy: Build bigger more expensive more capable harder to build harder to maintain ships

Congress: _____________________________________

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Late to this party, but gotta ask:

Where are the VLS cells going to come from, that we're welding all over the boats? How many reloads do we have now?

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