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Point to Ponder...

Its a bit ironic that its the Carney which is shouldering a good share of the most sustained series of naval engagements since late WWII and Korea, in what can be called the, "Red Sea Campaign"...

It was Admiral Carney, who as a Cdr in 1939, who was tasked to assist the Norwegians in their then still low burn, and not much in the spotlight fight against the Germans in what would be called now a Littoral Battle.

And after that, he was tasked with establishing the integrated Surface Air Force to protect shipping in the Atlantic during the Neutrality Patrol era...

One can say, that the Carney is out there today reprising the role of Cdr. Carney's force then.


" Ashore, he served in the Navy Department in the Division of Fleet Training and in the Shore Establishment Division of the Secretary of the Navy's office.

While in the last-named duty, he assisted in the general coordination of the Navy's small craft program, which included the design, construction, and operation of types built especially for military use (motor torpedo boats and submarine chasers), and the mobilizing of privately owned craft and their operators for use in the plan for defense. During this tour of duty, he also served as Naval Aide to His Royal Highness, the Crown Prince of Norway, during the latter's visit to the United States 27 June - 6 July 1939.

In February 1941, Admiral (then Commander) Carney was recalled from duty in the Pacific Fleet to assist in organizing, equipping, and training of a special Surface-Air Force, having as its mission the protection of shipping against submarine and air attack. This force became fully involved in convoy escort prior to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor."


"Acting Chief of Staff, Commander Carney, remarked in notes on a trip to Washington, "The Hemisphere Defense Plan is in effect. Under this plan the Support Force remains in readiness to support the operations of other Task Groups, continuing intensive training in the meantime as at present."21 Also, about the middle of the month Denfeld wrote the Chief of the Bureau of Navigation and, based on the supposition that the advanced bases would be formed should the national emergency intensify, he deemed it advisable to set up officer complements for them as early as possible..."

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Point to Ponder #2 ...

Relating to the other ship making the news in the Red Sea and environs, the Hudner.

Tomorrow, Dec. 4 is the 73rd anniversary of Thomas Hudner's epic story of standing by his Shipmate Jessie L Brown.

Of course the DEI Apparatchiks can't showcase the sotry because it goes against their fiction of 'Repression' in the USN.

These swamp cretins are responsible for this senseless travesty and waste causing enduring harm to the USN.

BZ to Capt. Hudner:


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is there a link to the midrats?

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This current-era of warfare we're dealing with Radio Shack-quality threats...in-volume. Even when utilizing ESSM and SeaRAM, the cost-delta heavily favors the drone operator.

Would be an interesting discussion on weapons assortment/dvelopment in-light of the engagements by our destroyers in the Red Sea. While our VLS magazines are filled with multi-million $$$ missiles designed to engage smart, maneuverable and fast vehicles...the majority of the engagements have been low-cost drones and there's no sign that this is going away. This same discussion can also be framed around dealing with maritime-militia surface craft, are we really going to utilize a Mk48ADCAP on a trawler?

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Nice pic. Looks like some good liberty ports back in the day.

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Why hasn't the area from which the Houthi have been launching drones and missiles been turned into a parking lot? At the very least every Houthi leader should be sent a picture of his shack with its exact coordinates.

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Return of the Sea Peoples.

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Colorful pic..back when sailors wore skirts but nobody thought less of them.

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