As usual, solid. Appropriate to the moment.

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Good put.

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I will take the vaccine when I am ordered to do so, and not one day sooner.

Many of us who are "hesitant" have thoughtful, serious concerns.

Some of these are technical concerns -- spike protein toxicity, antibody-dependent enhancement, the evolutionary pressure caused on the virus by this narrowly-targeted vaccine.

Some of these are ethical concerns -- mass deployment of an entirely new class of vaccine, for which there can be no long-term safety data, and for which there is thus no scientific basis on which to declare it "safe."

Some of these are corruption concerns -- why have the government and media only sought to push treatments which will provide massive profits to industry, while suppressing discussions of other potential treatments which are cheap such as Vitamin D and Ivermectin?

The most-"hesitant" group is now PhDs. I am a PhD, and have published extensively in the scientific literature in my field of study. So I am not ignorant or "anti-science."

None of our concerns has been treated seriously. Discussions of them online are censored at the behest of the government. We're told to "follow the science" and do what we are told, despite the fact that science *requires* us to challenge the dominant narrative. Science is a process of questioning and not trusting what we can't prove. "Follow the science" is *anti-scientific.*

Now we are told "the voluntary phase is over," as we knew eventually it would be. Everything before was just platitudes and lies.

But remember: you never answered our concerns. Just because you can force us to do a thing, doesn't make it right.

Quite the opposite. History tells us very clearly that when the legitimate concerns of heterodox thinkers are scoffed at, when the majority succumbs to groupthink and enforces its will on the minority by force, and when dissenting opinions are censored, society is always about to make a huge mistake.

Whether history ultimately shows that "the vaccines are safe and effective" or not, we *are* making a huge mistake. And one way or another, we will pay dearly for it.

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on the money

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Will be interesting

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