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What's the plan for operating carriers and their strike groups when those are vulnerable to swarm missile attack from outside the range of carrier air wings? Operate them only out of missile range? Hope CCP / Iranian engineers can't / won't hit / hit near a tiny carrier floating on a vast ocean? Who answers when a carrier and her crew disappear beneath the surface in the flash of an eye?

B-70 comes to mind. Scrapped because the Soviets made a missile that could outrun her.

Carriers and their strike groups today are legacy vanity projects of officers and contractors unserious about national sovereignty and very serious about laissez le bon temps rouler, tech and brains from another era, now long obsolete, yet insisting on respect and perks. Each of the Branches today is afflicted with their own versions of these sort, as are the Joint teams, such as COCOMs. And now with a self-installed junta comprising organized crime families to drum-major the lot.

Without a rational Nation Security Strategy -- rational in the sense that it succors national happiness and sovereignty -- nothing the Branches of Service do has abiding power or meaning.

One of these days, State, Treasury, and Defense are going to roll over CIA, USAID, FBI, and DOJ, destroy their HQs, and march off their personnel to trial and punishment as traitors to Americans as well as vast numbers of foreign nationals. The angels will set off a round of Huzzahs in that day so loud and omnipresent even the deaf and blind may hear and see them in this little universe of space, time, causation, and substance, the four sides of our playpen, we think of as earth. (I wanted to "end on a high note.")

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