It would appear that Russia intends to conquer Germany again. Where does that leave Poland, the Baltic States, and Czech? Is alles still in ordnung?

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I think most would agree that Israel and Turkey are doing this well.

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Jan 24, 2023·edited Jan 24, 2023

Socialism envelops all and the military is just another expression of society's values.

Everyone is a entitled, follows all rules so as to not shut off "free" money.

Why have initiative when everyone eats the same bad - but "free" - meal?

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"The administration thinks in terms of processes, not results."

This is the core pillar of American governance.

The other pillars are greed and malice oblige.

Germany is not a nation in the terms you discuss, they are a territory of the American Empire and are treated accordingly. The SDP doesn't have to be serious, it has to obey: and_follow_the_process.

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It is not just a smaller military it is a military that can not fight: Even with Germany's much smaller military much of its equipment was/is NMC. In 2018: Only 95 of the army’s 244 Leopard battle tanks were operational, none of the German navy’s 6 submarines and 15 frigates were in service. 10 of the 128 Eurofighter Typhoons were mission-ready. Only 26 of the air force’s 93 Tornado fighter-bombers were mission capable.15 percent of its helicopter force was operational. The NH-90 is not even considered suitable for combat. Think about how the lack of available equipment also affects service member training and readiness. "an annual review of the state of the military [2008], said Germany's soldiers were fatter than the average citizen"


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Their NATO allies blew up Germany's energy pipelines. They have paid the price for being the industrial center of Europe without a Reich military to protect them.

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