The map assumes India is an ally against China. I wouldn't make that assumption. Worse it assumes this "alliance" enhances security. I wouldn't draw that conclusion. It may lead to an arms race that undermines security and leads to war. After our amazing victories in Iraq and Afghanistan and the Ukrainian counteroffensive breakthrough to the Azov Sea I guess it's time to move on to China.

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An alliances is only as good as the nations ability to fight.

It also depends on the nature of the US Governments leaders.

If they are unreliable, unable or unwilling to stand with allies then the alliance is a paper tiger.

Look at the allies governments and military capability, look at who is running the US government and milley-tary A General who states if we are going to nuke the enemy he will notify them in advance has made the alliances at best a moot point at worst a suicide pact.

Our government is not trustworthy enough unless money is in their pockets.

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India is still in the Sino-Russian orbit economically and diplomatically. It will take a lot of fiscal and diplomatic investment to get them on-side.

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