This RADM is dreaming! Patrol Boats cannot replace warships especially since they are NOT fitted for ship attack, even MG King recognizes that – see below:

RADM Paul Schlise said that the roles of the PCs will be replaced by the Littoral Combat Ships (LCS) and the smaller U.S. Coast Guard boats. Schlise described the Coast Guard boats as platforms that work in both peace and wartime and having great capabilities that can make up for the retirement of the Patrol Coastals. This article will explore those options further below. ……………….

Major General King also mentioned that in wargaming scenarios against peer nations, the MK VIs were deemed not really needed (given their small size and limited missile firepower), but King did reserve judgement………….

Would a new U.S Navy Patrol Coastal boat feasibility design study occur under the Biden Administration? That remains to be seen in the coming years…………..

The first thing which has to be decided by the US Navy is WHAT do they want small combatants to do? Patrol and/or Attack? (and I don’t expect a Marine to make that decision~). IF the Navy wants a FAC-M, then say so and call it that !

Personally I think the USN needs both a class of FAC-M and a class of Offshore Patrol Vessels. Both of which are technically doable and affordable.


“Pick the Right Ship Type First”

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Another attempt to try and save face over the LCS debacle to make something useful of them?

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I was at Naval Special Warfare Group TWO in the early 90’s when we were bringing the PC’s on line as a replacement for the Mark V patrol boat. Instead of building a patrol boat from scratch the powers to be decided on off the shelf designs and ended up with the Cyclone class and the SEALS lost their control . What a cluster that was. By the way, I suggested that we name one the “Occluded Front” looking back that might have been a good name!

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