Sitemap - 2021 - CDR Salamander

Army Fails Geography

There is a Presence Mission ...and there is a Presence Mission

Holiday in Guantanamo

Merry Christmas

Today's Front Line in Ukraine in the First Person

What Kind of War Does Russia Want to Fight?

Germany's Coming Cold, Expensive, and Dangerous Experiment

Here’s Your Worrisome Military Culture

Fullbore Friday

Diversity Thursday

What does anti-laser flash gear actually look like

The Terrible 20s With a British Accent

A Lithuanian Test Case for NATO

Making the Case for Maritime Power with ADM Jamie Foggo, USN (Ret.) - on Midrats

Fullbore Friday

Diversity Thursday

Hot, Buggy, and the Stuff Wars are Won of

A Day That Will Live in Infamy

Keeping an Eye on the Long Game: Part XCI

Presence & Command of the Sea, with Robert “Barney” Rubel - on Midrats

Fullbore Friday

What Happens When the SAPR Knob Goes to 11?

No, You Wouldn't Want China's Strategic Position

The Global Posture Review: Strategic Vapor Lock

We Need Maps at all Confirmation Hearings

Fullbore Friday

Happy Thanksgiving

The Ice Won't Break Itself

Are our Intellectual Actions Aligned with our Security Challenges?

Some Damn Fool Thing in Ukraine

The Fat Leonard Podcast with Tom Wright - on Midrats

Fullbore Friday

Diversity Thursday

McMaster to Everyone: We Lack Basic Competence

LCS: History's Judgement Looms

Time for a Maritime Department? Next up, Jimmy Drennan on Midrats

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11th Hour of the 11th Day of the 11th Month

What Has not Been Sold to China?

We Know What China Wants to do

The NATO Training Mission in Afghanistan - Hopes & Lessons - on Midrats

Fullbore Friday

The "Unsexy but Important" is Sexy to the Professional. Where are our Professionals?

Nine Years is a Long Time

What Can the Army do Best in the Indo-Pacific?

Fullbore Friday

Diversity Thursday

The Fine Line Between a Lie, Spin, and Your Soul

Yes, for 20-yrs the Chinese Communist Party Has Been in our Communications Ecosystem

I’ll Take Sub Killing for 500

China's Dangerous Decade with Andrew Erickson

Fullbore Friday

Culture, Competition, and Conflict

Burning of the Bonnie Dick

Ukraine: Tough Kid in a Tough Neighborhood

Zinni on Wargaming ... Value and Danger

The Navy in Afghanistan at Flood Tide: PRT Khost - on Midrats

Fullbore Friday

Diversity Thursday

Economic Power is Global Power

Drydocks Matter

Sea Power is American Power - and we are Throwing it Away

October Natsec Free-For-All - on Midrats

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Diversity Thursday

Ships Should Fail to Sail More Often

Japan Back in the Carrier Game ...

Fat Leonard II: Electric Boogaloo?

Fullbore Friday

Diversity Thursday

Words begat actions which create history

Oh, so the UN Will Make Afghanistan Work?

Jake Sullivan: The Well Protected Golden Boy

The New Standard in Cruise Videos

Fullbore Friday

Want More VLS Cells West of Wake Before 2030? This is the Way.

Budget War Warning

The Terrible 20s Emerge from the Fog

Shippings Flock of Swans

Episode 603: September Maritime Melee

Fullbore Friday

AUKUS and the Nuclear Roo

Who Wants to do the Range & Time to Target Math for Me?

Preliminary Commander's POSTEX on Afghanistan

Twenty Years

Our Military Failures are Intellectual Failures

Reinforcing Failure at Sea

The Fall of Kabul: a Complete Death of Hope

Fullbore Friday

What Can a Navy Take From the Fall of Kabul?

Kabul's Child Sacrifice

Pentagon Leaders Need to Define their Pronouns

The US Navy's Unmanned Programs, with CAPT Captain Pete Small, USN - on Midrats

Fullbore Friday

Kabul 2x2 Shotgun Wargaming

Remember WESTPAC?

For Afghans, the Clock in Kabul Just Ran Out

Eight Days in Kabul

All Roads Lead to Kabul - on Midrats

Fullbore Friday

How Do You Recover From Humiliation?

This is What a Whole of Government Epistemic Failure Looks Like

Senior Military Leadership in Afghanistan: a 19-Act Play

Fullbore Friday

Diversity Thursday

Disrupt the Navy’s Operational Model to Counter China

What if the Future Can't be Unmanned?

So, the Military Has a Vaccine Mandate Coming Up?

Forget Your Peacetime Battle Networks

Shipping in the time of COVID with Sal Mercogliano - on Midrats

Fullbore Friday

Diversity Thursday

So, Who Wants to Ponder the Art of Port Clearing

Why International Organizations Fail

East of Suez Gets Interesting Again

Episode 599: American Generalship in the Long War, with Gray Connolly

Fullbore Friday

Diversity Thursday

Get the Damn JAG in Here

We're Designing Ourselves to Lose

It's a Midrats Summer Melee

Fullbore Friday

Diversity Thursday

It doesn't have to be painted grey, you know

Q: "So Sal, How is the Navy Handling Vaccinations and Mask Compliance?"

France's Stand in the Pacific Contra China

Ukraine & the Eastern Black Sea with CAPT Chris Rawley, USNR - on Midrats

Fullbore Friday

Can you hug out 20 years?

Culture is Upstream of Everything

The Hard Truth in an Inactivation Schedule

Midrats Pre-July 4th Melee!!

Fullbore Friday

Diversity Thursday

You Are What You Allow

Are You Ready to Listen to me Now?

Fullbore Friday

Diversity Thursday

Why is 2027 Important?

PLAN Submarine RECCE Guide

Midrats Pre-July 4th Melee!!

Are Midshipmen Dying for Sport?

Fullbore Friday

Diversity Thursday

Think Tanks & Money

The Kowtowing Kiwi

Will the Franco-German Project Beat NGAD?

Fullbore Friday

Diversity Thursday

Tomorrowland is Going to Get us Killed

A Graduate Level Class on Efficiently Grilling the CNO

Where is Our Admiral William Small? Rep. Luria Would Like to Talk to Him.

Small Islands in Great Power Competition, with Alexander Gray - on Midrats

Fullbore Friday

Diversity Thursday

LCS: We Can't Decom Them Fast Enough

How Far will South Africa be Pulled in to Mozambique?

Three Card NGAD

More Patrol Craft, Not Fewer with LCDR Jordan Bradford, USN - on Midrats

Fullbore Friday

Diversity Thursday

To win the 72-Month or 72-Week, and not the 72-Hour War...

I Have Not Come to Bury DTS, but to Yell at it

In Memory of Neighbors Unknown

Diversity Thursday

Bab al-Mandab and the Persistence of Geography

Keeping an Eye on the Long Game: Part XC

Some Damn Foolish Thing in Belarus

The Modernization Crunch with Hallie Coyne - on Midrats

Fullbore Friday

Worst Leadership Idea Since TQL

The French View of the Pacific

Army: Climate, Politics, and Pork

Fullbore Friday

Claude Berube: Teaching, Legacy, Mentorship, and Opening a New Chapter

LCS ... the Maintenance Edition

The Answer to DarkSide is Well Known

Why Kiribati and Kanton Matter

Fullbore Friday

Diversity Thursday

How Will Your Division Replace its Equipment?

Bad Program Management Costs More Than Money

The Perfidy of Pakistan

May Day Midrats Melee!

Fullbore Friday

When You Fool Yourself, You are One

What if we Had Full Control of Our #1 National Security Threat

Want to Benchmark Tech Best Practices?

The Spy in Your Pocket

The Lessons of Service Squadron TEN, with Ryan Hilger - on Midrats

Fullbore Friday

Diversity Thursday

Kiwis go Wobbly

Keeping an Eye on the Long Game: Part LXXXIX

An Army Builds off Ukraine

Mid-April Midrats Melee!

Fullbore Friday

The Afghanistan Problem in Two Maps

20 Years, 20 Months, or 20 Weeks?

General Hamlet and the Small Boys

Don't Cry for the Navy's Cruiser Problem

The Supply Chains that Bind Us, with Ross Kennedy

Fullbore Friday

Diversity Thursday

Nagorno-Karabakh War's Maritime Lessons Learned?

Egads on NGAD

Raids, Probes, & Scouting Parties

Biden and Mahan: National Strength and Maritime Power Are Still Linked

Fullbore Friday

Ukraine Back in the Scan

Is Mozambique on Your Hot List?

On Suez: You Can't Buy Training Like This

Focus DOD, Focus – with Thomas Spoehr on Midrats

Kafka and the Corps

Why Not Just Festoon the Entire NCR with Razorwire?

The Terrible 20s Get Crunchy

Extremism Training: the One Eyed Horse

A March Madness Midrats

Fullbore Friday

Diversity Thursday

War Horse or Show Pony

Did Some GOFO's Spouse Write This?

Head West Old China

Facing Today's China, with Dean Cheng - on Midrats

Fullbore Friday

What do you want your DEPSECDEF and Vice Chairman of the JCS doing?

...About Those Ports on the Taiwanese East Coast

Do not act shocked ... do not avert your eyes ... look harder

Western Way of War: Two Problems and Six Solutions

The Navalist View from Singapore, with Blake Herzinger - on Midrats

Interim National Security Strategic Guidance: Unto the Wilderness

An Abandonment of Stewardship

Australian Submarine Program Stumbles

Where are we Heading? Watch DepSecDef Hicks

The Future of European Naval Power with Jeremy Stöhs - on Midrats

Fullbore Friday

Diversity Thursday

What is One Word That Will Terrify an Entire Ship?

Preflight Your Brain: the Navy Discussion-Guide on Extremism in the Ranks Standdown

Keeping an Eye on the Long Game: Part LXXXVIII

The Sino-American War of 2025?

Late Winter LIVE Free For All ... On Midrats

Fullbore Friday

Diversity Thursday

The Use and Abuse of Wargames

Cyprus, Greece and Egypt Move Closer Contra Turkey

On Afghanistan, a Cold Bucket of Water in the Face

Fullbore Friday

Sleepwalking in to Decline

The New Way of War is the Old Way of War

We Need a Clean Break from LCS to FFG-62

Military Strategy From the Classroom to the Briefing Room, with Dr. Alissio Patalano - on Midrats

Fullbore Friday

Return to Transformationalism

USN Killing Small Ships, Again

The War on (Military) History: Half a Century In

Competing in the Competition Phase

Is Sweden Going to Lap us Again?

Musk vs. The US Navy

Know Capabilities, Not Names

Facing the 3rd Decade of the 21st Century, with James Holmes - on Midrats

Africa: Let the Pictures Give You the Answer

Communist China Updates Their Military Law

Keeping an Eye on the Long Game: Part LXXXVII

LCS Makes Bad Talking Points

Fullbore Friday

Diversity Thursday

How do You Say "Cowabunga" in Mandarin?

CNO is Heading in the Right Direction

A Habsburg plan for Europe

The Navy's Problems and a Plan to Fix Them, with Bryan McGrath - on Midrats

Two Kinds of Leaders

On the Storming of The Hill

Fullbore Friday