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Fullbore Friday

Diversity Thursday

Lanes, Lies, Power, and Politics - Biden's NatSec Problem

No Sense of Urgency to Act on What is Waiting West of Wake

When you Raise a Monster, You Most Own the Consequences

Fullbore Friday

Diversity Thursday

Mines for All My Friends

Japan Rising

"Support You and Your Family" - Really?

Cyber Lessons of the Russo-Ukrainian War with Shashank Josi - on Midrats

Fullbore Friday

Meeting the Demand Signal

No, the Military Dragged Itself in to Politics

So, I guess it will be "Sino-Saudi" as "Saudi-Sino" is Even Harder to Say

A Week of Maritime Good Tidings? ... on Midrats

Fullbore Friday

What a Beautiful Morning

There Must be Consequences for Germany

Irregular War's War on Thinking About War

December Maritime Free For All - on Midrats

Fullbore Friday

Galrahn ... Rest in Peace

Keeping an Eye on the Long Game: Part XCV

War, Humility, and Hubris

The EU's Real Enemy - the United States?

Happy Thanksgiving

What Does a Real Military Buildup Look Like?

When Will the West Call for the Wooden Badger?

A Portuguese Man of ... Curiosity?

Pre-Thanksgiving Maritime and Natsec Feast - on Midrats

Fullbore Friday

Happy Talk and Arrogance to China Isn't Helpful

Chaos is a Ladder: Opportunity in the High North

German Clear Voices are There if You Look

“Hoist the Flag and Sound the Trumpet”

Post-Election Natsec Hotwash - on Midrats

Fullbore Friday

Diversity Thursday

Welcome to my Post-Fall of Kherson JOPG

LaPlant Goes Salamander

NATO's Next Leader: Serious Times Need Serious Leaders

Fullbore Friday

Diversity Thursday

The Existential Requirement to Maintain a Broad Defense Industrial Base

A Review of the 2022 National Defense Strategy

The Aspects of the Sevastopol Attack You Need to Focus on

Fullbore Friday

Where is the Accountability?

The German Problem isn't Getting Better it Seems

Close Air Support Comes at You Fast ... From Both Perspectives

OK CNO, now then Break in to Open Revolt to Get the Forces we Need

The Case for a 600 Ship Navy: Now More than Ever with LT Joseph Sims, USN

Fullbore Friday

Diversity Thursday

What Does Sending a Firm Signal to China Look Like?

The Baltic Nations are Subject Matter Experts Here, we Should Listen

So, we Have a National Security Strategy

Can You be Realistic About the Real World - with Emma Ashford

Fullbore Friday

Diversity Thursday

Remember the Great Green Fleet?

The Anglo-Saxon War in the Hetmanate

Fullbore Friday

Diversity Thursday

Where Does Ryan Mays go to Get His Name and Life Back?

Want a Nuke Wargame? I’ve Got One for You

We Need to Talk About France

Fullbore Friday


Nordstream's Burning Ships

Russia's Nuclear Option?

Realism in Foreign Policy and its Discontents

AUKUS at 1-year, with Alessio Patalano - on Midrats

Fullbore Friday

Diversity Thursday

What NATO Must Do 01JAN24

So, AUKUS is About Submarines Down Under, Right?

If They Name Them “Yamato” and “Musashi” I will Probably Stroke Out

A Mid-September Midrats Melee!

Fullbore Friday

Diversity Thursday

Every Chief a Recruiter? Why not?

DDG(X) Becoming a CG(X) Flashback?


Looking West to the Taiwan Strait, with Dean Cheng - on Midrats

Fullbore Friday

Diversity Thursday

5 Years, 17 Lives, 1 Navy

Build More Carriers and Send Some to CENTCOM

Fullbore Friday

Diversity Thursday

A Stain Unfaded by Time: a Year After the Fall of Kabul

Nice Ammo Dump You Have There, Shame if ...

The Eeyore Leadership Model for Our Navy

The Use and Misuse of our Military Attachés - on Midrats

Fullbore Friday

Diversity Thursday

Re-industrialization is a National Imperative

Some Damn Fool Thing in the Balkans

A Rust-Busting Renaissance?

Fullbore Friday

Diversity Thursday

The US Navy's Disarmed Hostility

It isn’t the Platform: it’s the Engine

The Case for American Shipbuilding

The High Ground in the Western Pacific, with Bryan Clark

Fullbore Friday

Diversity Thursday

Saki’s Lessons for WESTPAC

Overspec'd, Overpriced, all Navy: Bob Work on Institutional Addictions

China to the Slot

China’s Decade to Win with Jim Fanell - on Midrats

Fullbore Friday

Diversity Thursday

To Build the Fleet We Need: Demand Humility & Challenge Arrogance

How Many Fireboats Can You Buy for $1.2 Billion?

The USA Thinks in Domains; the PRC Thinks in Dominances

July Farewell Maritime Free For All - on Midrats

Fullbore Friday

The CNO Has a Plan

The Failure of the Institutions

A Ship Adrift is Never an Accident

Making a Great Maritime Partnership Better, with Emma Salisbury on Midrats

Fullbore Friday

Diversity Thursday

SDP Becomes the Salamander Democratic Party?

On D+0 on the Opening of the Next Pacific War - we Will Regret not Having This

It's a Mid-Summer Midrats Melee!!

Fullbore Friday

Kanton, Now More Than Ever

Diversity Thursday

Ukrainian Lessons as Old as Time: Logistics-Auxiliaries-Prizes

Check Your Magazine Inventory Recently?

What to do With America's Maritime Disinterest, with Jimmy Drennan - on Midrats

Fullbore Friday

Pluperfect's Programmatic Imperfection on the Future Perfect's Presentism

VADM Brown; Remembering the Johnston's Turn

Fullbore Friday

The Netherlands is Game for the Black Sea Grain Escort Mission

1937, NATO, and the Need for Follow-Through

The War Gods of the Copybook Headings Return

Getting Our Head Around German National Solipsism

Turning the Tables on China with Brent Sadler - on Midrats

Fullbore Friday

Diversity Thursday

A Kaliningrad Corridor Crisis?

Bother Not the Oil and Wine - Bother First the Defense

Fullbore Friday

SECNAV Promotes an Official Religion

There Must be Consequences for European Security Freeriding

A General's Progress

Fullbore Friday

I Guess we Need a "Bad Ukraine Takes" Series

China's New Cambodian Naval Base: Nice Work

Five Centuries of Maritime Excellence

Combined Amphibious Operations in the Indo-Pacific With Maj. Zach Ota, USMC - on Midrats

D-Day at Sea

Fullbore Friday

Blockade Running Ain't for Amateurs

Unfunded Priorities ... or a Deeper Story?

Keeping an Eye on the Long Game: Part XCIV

Fullbore Friday

Navy Missiles for all my Friends

How Do You Work With the Russians at the Negotiating Table and Post-Conflict?

Yes, Taiwan is an Island Worth Dying On

The Coming Burkopolypse

Larter, Returning ... You Never Get the Sea out of Your Blood - on Midrats

Fullbore Friday

Turkey Skunks the NATO Party

Force Design 2030: Futurism, Imbroglio, or Creative Friction?

Who is Helping Ukraine Build the Riverine Force They Need?

The USN's Port Arthur Problem - with Matthew Hipple

Fullbore Friday

LCS Just Cracks Me Up

Rep. Elaine Luria (D-VA) Gives a Congressional Oversight Master Class

What is Really Going on in Eastern Ukraine?

A Victory Day

Fullbore Friday

Diversity Thursday

Lessons Never Learned - Accountability Never Achieved

What Our NATO Friends are Bringing to Sea

NATO's Naughty and Nice List

Fullbore Friday

Return of the Black Sea Convoy?

Marine View from Down Under

Have the Russians Restarted the Odessa Offensive?

The Progressive War Party, of Sorts

Episode 622: China’s Assassin’s Mace in WESTPAC with Gerry Doyle & Blake Herzinger

Fullbore Friday

America: the Arsenal of Democracy Again

Want a 30-yr Shipbuilding Plan Bad? Well, you’ll … well … you know

Who is Doing What to Help Ukraine?

Moskva's Last PHOTOEX

Fullbore Friday

Diversity Thursday

Finland and Sweden: Reinforcing NATO Northern Flank

The West's German Problem - Not Unlike Her Friends' Problem

Rethinking the Logistics Challenge after Looking at Ukraine from the German Point of View

Russian Military SITREP with Dr. Dmitry Gorenburg - on Midrats

Fullbore Friday

When (Bad) Strategy Drives Resources

We Now Have a Paired Box Canyon War

Keeping an Eye on the Long Game: Part XCIII

Russia's Last Gasp War?

War, Pestilence, and Famine - the World's Logistics Falters - with Ross Kennedy on Midrats

Fullbore Friday

People Died for What You Can Get in a Click

Losing the Solomons

We Chose Decline

The Intersection of Integrated Delusion and Institutional Dishonesty

Fullbore Friday

Scratch One Russian Navy Alligator LST

What is Wrong with the English Speaking World's Merchant Fleet?

A Friend's Frigate Benchmark

Amphibious Operations in the Russo-Ukrainian War SITREP

Fullbore Friday

Not How You Signal Power

Battle of Odessa Starting?

Good Staffs Matter

Yes Ukraine and Russia - but the Varsity Game is China

It's a Mid-March Midrats Melee

Fullbore Friday

A Full Hour on the War in Ukraine with FDD's Bill Roggio

How Do You Punch a Ship in the Mouth?

The Blob Wants a War

In Ukraine, We Enter a More Brutal Stage

China's 2022 with Dean Cheng - on Midrats

Fullbore Friday

Diversity Thursday

NATO's Potential Russian Flashpoint May be at Sea

The Map Tells the Story

You want a Cyber World War? This is How You Get One

Russo-Ukrainian War Black Sea SITREP Panel with Berube, Cavas, & Mercogliano - on Midrats

Fullbore Friday

Second Russo-Ukraine War D+0 Quicklook

For Navalists, it is Time to Get off the Bench

Putin: First Person Spoken Word

What Does a Decaying Empire Look Like?

Fullbore Friday

Diversity Thursdsay

The Soviet Navy's Last Picture Show

Indo-Pacific Strategy Quicklook

Summary Thoughts on the Indo-Pacific Strategy of the United States

First Casualty: The Untold Story of the CIA Mission to Avenge 9/11, With Toby Harnden - on Midrats

Fullbore Friday

Diversity Thursday

The Potomac Flotilla's Potemkin

The Battle for Friends and Influence in our Own Backyard

The FORD's Helmets-Only Football practice

Gaming Out WWIII with Michael Cee - on Midrats

Fullbore Friday

Keeping an Eye on the Long Game: Part XCII

Ukraine Exposes NATO’s Divisions

Fullbore Friday

What Did You do Your First 5-yrs After Commissioning?

The 28-yr Old Crisis

What Can Get a VADM Fired?

The Indispensable Nation: a Return of Forces to Europe

Big Navy vs. Reconnaissance & Strike-Capable Drones - on Midrats

Fullbore Friday

Russians to the East, North ... and From the South?

By the numbers: the Ukrainian Russian Buildup

DDG(X) Quicklook

The Afghanistan Papers, with Craig Whitlock - on Midrats

Fullbore Friday

On the Navy, China, and Taiwan Words Matter - and This Week is a Good Week

Things to Learn from the Winter War?

Making LCS Work the Only Way the Critics Said it Could

Top-5 Blog Posts of 2021

Jackson's Navy, with Claude Berube - on Midrats

Fullbore Friday

Australia and Japan: When Your Friends are Friends - Everyone is Stronger

Understanding Kazakhstan: People Have to Eat. Winter is Cold. You need to Work.

The Wisdom of Eisenhower

"D" Stands for "Diplomatic" - it's not Supposed to be a Letter Grade