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Fullbore Friday

Diversity Thursday

Barfights, Winchester, Indians & Bearing the Unsustainable

Replicator: if You're Explaining, You're Losing

Merry Christmas, Shipmate

Fullbore Friday

Ukraine's Summer Offensive: the Clear-Eyed POSTEX

Deterrence is in the Head as Much as the Spreadsheet

A Gathering of Burkes Sails East

A New Combined Task Force Builds in the Red Sea

Fullbore Friday

Diversity Thursday

The Cold Truth of the Russo-Ukrainian War

Reading the NDAA Tealeaves II: Electric Boogaloo

Reading the NDAA Tealeaves

Where is the "International" in "International Order" - with Elbridge Colby

Fullbore Friday

The Salamander Seminar with the Canary Group

Keeping an Eye on the Long Game: Part XCIX

USS CARNEY's (DDG 64) Red Sea Battles

Midrats December Melee!!!

Front or Flank: the Importance of Words

Europe's Entitlement Bird Looking for a Place to Roost

The Naval War College After October 7th

American Naval Forces (with a Japanese assist) Capture Pirates

Happy Thanksgiving

How do You Pull a Merchant Fleet Out of a Hat?

So, Red Sea Pirates it is

The State of the USN's Combat Logistics Force Ships with Dr. James Holmes, on Midrats

Fullbore Friday

Diversity Thursday

Tale of Three Frigates

Deindustrialization in the UK is Almost Complete

China's New Cambodian Naval Base: Rev. 1

Measuring & Modeling the Naval Presence Mission with Jerry Hendrix - on Midrats

Fullbore Friday

Diversity Thursday

What a Balanced Fleet Looks Like

Germany's Delusions Come Home to Roost

Fullbore Friday

The Hard Math of Soft SLOC

A Recruiting Spooktacula

33 and 10

Rickover Uncensored with Claude Berube

Fullbore Friday

What Does Hamas Want?

Do We Give Them the War They Want?

Two Proxies Wars in the Old World and the Big Show in WESTPAC

The Next Godzilla Movie Will be Lit!

Fullbore Friday

Diversity Thursday

Florida's Solution to the University Problem

Ayaan Hirsi Ali: Still the Lioness of the West

No One Asked, "Where's the 82nd Airborne?"

Fullbore Friday

Lessons from Israel

Gaza COA Decision Brief

Prelude to Slaughter

24,669 Americans Murdered by Terrorists in One Day

Fullbore Friday

The Saga of the TICOs

LCS's Long, Sad, and Early Goodbye

The Endgame in Ukraine?

What if Everyone Wanted a Maritime Strategy, but ...

Fall Maritime Free For All - on Midrats

Fullbore Friday

Diversity Thursday

No Justice for the Fat Leonard Four

Another Cold War Revival

SLCM-N? Hard Pass

Fullbore Friday

Diversity Thursday

An Inadequate Navy? A Common Affliction.

Why Engineers Should Not be Readiness Officers

The Indo-Pacific Quad in 2023 with Blake Herzinger

Future Casting, Predictions & Some Context on the Age of Transformation

Fullbore Friday

Red Hills & the Numbing Power of a Culture of Lies

Sweden Shows it Can be Done

That Day, as I Saw It

Fading FY23 Midrats Free For All!

Fullbore Friday

DEPSECDEF Hicks's "Replicator" Speech: 80% Cringe, 20% Excellence

This is not the NYT Article Navalists Were Waiting For

Fullbore Friday

The PRC's Buildup is not a Jobs Program

Sorry, the Swarm will not Save Us

The Spanish Civil War in ... Ukraine?

The New Age of Naval Power in the Indo-Pacific: Strategy, Order, and Regional Security - with Alessio Patalano

Fullbore Friday

Who's Afraid of the Big Bad BRICS?

So, You Like the UUV Concept, eh?

Progress in WESTPAC, Just in Time

Keeping an Eye on the Long Game: Part XCVIII

The Road to the Fall of Kabul, with Jerry Dunleavy - on Midrats

Fullbore Friday

LCS: Requiem for Transformationalism

Let the Families of the 13 Fallen Speak

Russians Advance the Ratchet Another Click in the Black Sea

Industrial Security at Last?

China's Summer from the Aleutians to Guadalcanal with Dean Cheng - on Midrats

Fullbore Friday

Diversity Thursday

Ukraine, Russia, and Doing Business With the Enemy

Pirates of the Black Sea

An Unsophisticated Chinese Navy? Really?

The US Naval Reserve in Ukraine & More with Chris Rawley

Fullbore Friday

Diversity Thursday

A Perfect Storm of Unpreparedness

West African Sahel, Colonial Echoes, Migration, Ukraine, & a Whiff Franco-Russian Proxy Wars

What Does Taking the PRC Threat Seriously Look Like?

Fullbore Friday

A Good Game of Catch Up in the SW Pacific

Another Layer to the Nation Humiliation at Kabul

Berger Goes Salamander

The CNO in Waiting

Grain, Oil, and the Unfreeing of the Seas with John Konrad - on Midrats

Fullbore Friday

Diversity Thursday

Why No Productions Lines Can Go Cold

Army TLAM and SM-6? OK, but ...

Seaplanes Bring Out the Worst in the Potomac Flotilla

Summer Doldrums Melee on Midrats

Diversity Thursday

No, Our SSN's are not Ready for a Great Pacific War

NATO, Ukraine & Lifeboat Ethics

Ukraine's Millennial War Barons

Midrats Mid Summer Free For All!

Fullbore Friday

Diversity Thursday

The PRC's Legacy Bond Bomb

Mom, We Didn't Really Want to Leave

Have Yourself a Very Nimitz July 4th

Fullbore Friday

Diversity Thursday

RADM Pyle Goes Salamander

Hypersonics: Your Joint All-Domain Transformational Distributed Expeditionary Offset for your Directed Energy Railguns for Victory in the Gray Zone.

War over Taiwan? Let's Discuss This First

Keeping the US Undersea Advantage, with Bryan Clark - on Midrats

Fullbore Friday

Diversity Thursday

Waiting for a New Naval Strategy?

How Weak is the Strongest Nation in Continental Europe?

Build the Yards Now

Fullbore Friday

Diversity Thursday

How to Make the West Coast USNR a War Winner?

"Optimal Manning's" International Public Disgrace - Norwegian Edition

Funding DOD in Inflation & About Replacing Weapons & Ammo Sent to Ukraine ...

Strategy for Facing the Chinese & Russian Threat, with Brent Sadler - on Midrats

Fullbore Friday

Diversity Thursday

21st Century Jeep Carrier - but Faster and for UAS

Dambusting on the Dnipro

When the PRC Tells You Who They Are...

Strategy, Uncertainty and the China Challenge with Jeffrey Meiser & Renny Babiarz, on Midrats

Fullbore Friday

Diversity Thursday

The World We Won; The World We Made; The World China Built While We Were Distracted

Marines: "Huh. Riverine Looks Useful."

Fullbore Friday

Diversity Thursday

Make the Quad a Quint with a Center Square by 2035

Speaking of the Russian Navy

LT Alkonis; Lost in Japan

The Philippine Pact with Claude Berube, on Midrats

Fullbore Friday

If Public Opinion isn't Stopping Europe...

EU's Pacific Balk

We Were Lied to - no We're Lying to Each Other

About that Commission on the Future of the Navy

Fullbore Friday

No, Two More DDG to Spain is not Something to Celebrate

Trust is Overrated

Lothair, Louis, Charles ... & Sam's Bar Tab

From LCS to Missing Pay - the Wrong Midset Remains

Fullbore Friday

Our Navy Needs More of the War, Less of the College

No, No One Tried to Assassinate Putin

The Philippines ... again

Humility & Hard Questions Win Wars

Command Posts - Hunter or Hunted, with Lt Col. Matt. Arrol, U.S.A. - on Midrats

Fullbore Friday

Diversity Thursday

The False Choice of Ukraine or Taiwan

Get Real Get Better ... Ummm

The PLAN is in the Walking Stage

It's a Midrats April Free for All!!

Fullbore Friday

Navy Force Structure and Shipbuilding: There is Still Time to Get it Right

VA & Suicide Prevention

Doomsday Inertia

Ukraine's Riverine Navy

The Saving the USS Samuel B. Roberts at 35, with Bradley Peniston

Fullbore Friday

Net Assessment, Convenient Leaks, and Climate Histeria

Once again - we need REFORGER

The PRC's Preparation of the Battlefield

How Many Cruisers Did the PRC Build in the Time ...

Fullbore Friday

Diversity Thursday

The Heart of the Problem

How Many Bottles of Catsup are in the Flag Mess?

A Tale of Two 4-Stars

If it Flies it Dies, with Tom Karako - on Midrats

Fullbore Friday

The Weapons Gap With the PRC the USA Created and Funded: it Goes Boom

Seriously ... Who's Been Running Our Wargames Then ...

In a Fight, Having Your Reloads at Home in the Safe Won't Help

Transcript from the Defense Breakfast Seminar

NATO's Evolution in Response to the Russo-Ukrainian War with Jorge Benitez - on Midrats

Fullbore Friday

The 2024 Defense Budget: A Mixed Bag for the Navy

Japan Puts a Marker Down in Europe

60-Minutes Does our Navy - and the Nation - a Solid. I'll take the "W"

Episode 650: Keeping America's Dominance at Sea with Jerry Hendrix

Fullbore Friday

12 Years - Untold Misery - No Accountability

Hendrix's View from an Island Nation

The Three Wounds of our Amphibious Navy

Money Talks: the UK Edition

Spring Back to the Front of the NATSEC World on Midrats

Fullbore Friday

Diversity Thursday

Nord Stream's Tap on the Shoulder

Keeping an Eye on the Long Game: Part XCVII

Parking is a Combat Multiplier

March Maritime Melee on Midrats!

Fullbore Friday

Diversity Thursday

Building the WESTPAC Team we Need

One Year in the Russo-Ukrainian War: the Big Pixels

The Russo-Ukrainian War D+365 Quicklook

Diversity Thursday

Vietnam: the Great Strategic Opportunity

A View from Tallinn

Fullbore Friday

Diversity Thursday

We Should be Brave Enough to Say Hard Things

We Have a Lot of Things to Relearn

Sticks, Lasers, and Balloons

Fullbore Friday

The Democratic Party's Strange Internal Struggles on the Russo-Ukraine War

Our Navy at its Best: "Yeah, we can do that."

The Old Ways are the Same as the "New Ways" - Except for One

American Realism in the Russo-Ukrainian War with Rebeccah Heinrichs - on Midrats

Diversity Thursday

Eastern Europe's Second Chance

Keeping an Eye on the Long Game: Part XCVI

Denial May Bring War - Punishment May Keep it at Bay

The People's Liberation Army Navy in 2023, with Toshi Yoshihara - on Midrats

Riverine: our Stupidity is Ukraine's Gift

The White Swan off Yemen

The German Problem ... is our Problem

Can we Learn Something From the Air Force?

The Navy’s New Mission with Bryan McGrath - on Midrats

Fullbore Friday

Diversity Thursday

A Post-Davos World? Sign me up.

What About South Korea

The Manning Shortfall Bow Wave is Only Starting

Fullbore Friday

Diversity Thursday

What about India?

The Surface Force's Lost Generation

Midrats 13th Anniversary Show

Fullbore Friday

Diversity Thursday

Kaplan's 'Elegant Decline' at 15

Theranos, FTX, Offsets, and Transformations